ID 100301680Inquire Australia regularly hosts seminars about the law of inquiries.

At the official launch in March 2013, Justice Lex Lasry of the Supreme Court of Victoria spoke about his experiences as a former Royal Commissioner and the role of inquiries generally in our legal and political systems.

Since then, we have hosted two IBAC Commissioners and the Racing Integrity Commissioner speaking about their roles and the nature of their powers, we have looked at the protection of human rights in inquiries, we have heard from advocates involved in courts martial and military inquiries, and we have established an on-going series, “The Anatomy of a Royal Commission”, which has explored Royal Commissions from the perspectives of the Commissioner, the advocate and the interested parties.

Our seminars are open to the public and are well-attended, usually by barristers and solicitors (including from private firms, corporations and government), the judiciary, tribunal members, academics and members of various commissions and other regulatory bodies with inquisitorial and investigative powers.